The Reno Air Races

A Tribute by Robin Norton

In 2006 I achieved a long wished for dream to attend the Reno Air Races, I was privileged to attend as a member of the press(World Air News) and afforded unlimited access to the ramp and outfield at Reno. In 2006, although there were a few emergencies, the pilots concerned landed their aircraft safely, thanks to their incredible skills and airmanship. The 100% professional Reno Organisation was very impressive, over many years the Reno Air Race Team has created an incredible event, famous all over the World. Sadly, aircraft and flying, not to mention air racing can be a dangerous sport, all the aircraft teams know this and prepare their aircraft to the very highest standards, the Reno Air Race Team also run the event to the very highest standard with extremely tight controls.

Since I attended there have been some very tragic accidents, the most tragic being in 2011. I wish to express my sincere condolences to everyone concerned. I hope it is realised that these tragic events are in no way a reflection on the Reno Air Race team, the Reno Air Race Team organisers are the VERY BEST in the World.

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