An 'Erk' working on an engine

Genuine RAF Clock and
Propeller collection.

Sea Vixen nose wirh Radar

DH Vampire

Percival Provost

Avro Vulcan XM655

Wellesbourne Aviation Museum

Stratford road Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.

I have visited many aviation museums in my time it is always a joy to come across one I have not visited before and to find a jewel. Having met Paul Singleton who is on the committee of the Wellesbourne Aviation Group (WAG) whilst out in Spain, I promised to make a point of travelling to Wellesbourne which is to the South East of Stratford upon Avon. Wellesbourne Airfield is a busy place in its own right, several flying schools and of course home to one of the 'Live' Avro Vulcans which is displayed on a regular basis.

The WAG have renovated several Wartime buildings, including bomb shelters to show how they were when the airfield was an operational RAF Base. Wartime relics and uniforms have been used to good effect, it is quite an strange feeling walking down the steps into the bomb shelters to see what appears to be a Royal Air Force controller on the telephone directing operations, in another area is an 'Erk' working on an engine, crash site remains are also displayed along with a small collection of interesting propellers.

Several full size aircraft are on view outside, it is good to see them in good condition, the Vampire under cover whilst allowing easy access to look into the cockpit and take photographs. Of particular interest to me is the Percival Provost, a rare aircraft now but one I had much to do with some years ago in the 1970s.

Parking is easy with good access for all, an Airport Café is next door offering a good welcome with a view of the aircraft using the airfield, a visit is highly recommended.