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I have been fortunate enough to have had a number of my photographs featured in the journal, here below are some examples which were in prime place on the cover.

Robin D W Norton - Oxfordshire

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On the cover of the third March issue: This Sukhoi 29 is owned by the Real Aero Club de Espana (Royal Aero Club of Spain), one of the oldest aero clubs in the world. Ramon Casquero, flying instructor for the Club, is flying back seat, and second pilot is D. Jose Luis Olias, Club President. Photographed just offshore near Gijon, Northern Spain, by Robin D. W. Norton from a Piper Archer flown by Marcos Hoyos.

This Beechcroft BE33 Bonanza, pictured off the Mediterranean coast north of Allicante, Spain, is used for navigation training by the Spanish Air Force. Pilots are Lt. Daniel Martin and Lt. Miguel Lucas. Photographed by Robin D. W. Norton from the lowered rear cargo ramp of a Spanish Air Force CASA CN235 flown by Lt. Raul Madrid and Lt. Juan Lopez Tello.

Pilots carlos Bravo (front) and Jose Luis Olias, President of the Royal Aero Club of Spain, enjoy a ride along the beautiful Mediterranean coast near Valencia in the Club's sporty new Extra 200.

Noted aviation photographer Robin D. W. Norton, snapped this shot while perched on the lowered rear cargo ramp of a Spanish Air Force CASA CN235.