La Vuelta Aerea de Espana - The Round Spain Aerial Rally

September 2009

The annual La Vuelta Aerea de Espana is a test of crews (pilot and navigator) flying light aircraft around a course taking into account time and accuracy whilst flying within a narrow corridor, cross country. There is no doubt it calls for precise flying with careful navigation, each aircraft has a small GPS Logger which records every second of flight and is used post flight via a computer to show the track flown by each competitor.

2009 saw the crews fly in to Matacan Air Force Base just outside Salamanca to the North West of Madrid, home to the Spanish Air Force flying school, for civilian students, Adventia, offers a comprehensive training programme in conjunction with Salamanca University. Students graduating from either the Air Force or Civilian Academies are among the best trained in the World.

Normally, La Vuelta is held in June but this year September was chosen, the first stage was from Salamanca to Burgos, overnight stay in Burgos, next morning the route was Burgos to Robredillo(Guadalajara) for another overnight stop, lastly Robredillo to Castellon on the coast North of Valencia.

Here is a selection of the photographs taken:

La Vuelta (misc) - 4 photo's Salamanca - 5 Burgos - 32 Robredillo - 9 Castellon - 28

My thanks once again to the President of the Royal Aero Club of Spain (RACE), D.Jose Luis Olias for the invite, also to the Crew of the Spanish Air Force CASA235 of 744 Squadron based at Salamanca. Commadante Miguel Puch, Captain Daniel Vello, Flight Eng.Tomas Llamazares and 1st Sgt. Ignacio Munoz the loadmaster who kept me safe during air to air photo sessions.

Thanks are due to all the competitors and everyone else connected with this year's La Vuelta, their welcome and kindness made for a great week. If you are a pilot from any country and would like to take part next year please contact me, it is a wonderful week, good hotels, food and the organisation the very best.