HMS Albion

Visits Cape Town 1971


This Royal Navy World War 2 Carrier was returning to the UK after its last operational tour to the Far East. In those happy days the Royal Navy was able to visit South Africa which had a long tradition of welcoming Royal Navy ships, the base at Simon's Town just around Cape Point was a Royal Naval base for many years and during the Second World War South Africa was vital in keeping the shipping routes open for the Allies, Great Britain of course being its colonial master.

HMS Albion was scrapped soon after getting back to the UK. At the same time the sister ship, HMS Bulwark called into Durban receiving the same tremendous welcome. These few photos are some taken on the day.

I was fortunate to be flown in a Royal Navy Wessex, 'V K' from the Court Helicopters base in Cape Town Docks out to the ship, entering port whilst on the bridge with the Captain and some of the officers. A great day.