Mount Hampden, 1972. Tiger Moth VP-YNV Self Portrait by Robin D.W. Norton

Robin D.W.Norton

was born in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and brought up in what were then the British Colonies of Northem Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa. After school, Field Aircraft Services based at Salisbury Airport.

Rhodesia provided training in the aviation world and awarded him a Flying Bursary allowing him to learn to fly with the Mashonaland Flying Club on Piper J3 Cubs at Mount Hampden Airport. Training was also carried out in a Tiger Moth for basic aerobatics, other aircraft on his licence included Cessna 150, 172 and Piper Cherokee 140.

Most memorable flights have been in a P51 Mustang(U.K.), Douglas C47 (Rhodesia), Westland Wessex (South Africa), T6 Texan (Spain) and Airbus 320 (Spain), the last two 'hands on'.

With a interest in aviation and photography it has been natural to combine the two, first published in Flight International, 1969, many more articles and photographs have been used over the years.

Initially, black and white aircraft studies in Rhodesia during the difficult UDI years, early 1970s, South Africa, then the USA, Canada and the U.K.

Recently he has been based in Spain where his Spanish friends in Madrid and Burgos have presented him with wonderful opportunities for stunning air to air photography, from the middle of 2003 he will be available for commissions in the U.K. For private aircraft owners this can often be a free service, for good air to air studies of your own aeroplane please get in touch.