Canbera R2175 retracts its undercarriage after take-off

The Hunter FGA9 aerobatic team
in action

Vampire 152 aerobatic team

THORNHILL "AT HOME". As part of the Rhodesian Air Force's 25th anniversary celebrations, Thornhill Air Force Base, Salisbury, was open to the public on October 8. The flying dis play comprised individual and team acrobatics which culminated in a Canbera bombing attack being intercepted by Hunters. The Rhodesian Air Force has fitted out some of its past aircraft in their original coloursas the basis of an Air Force nuseum

One of the veterans
Tiger Moth SR36 "9"
Aermacchi-Lockheed AL60 "Trojan". Note the "T" on wings and fuselage, indicating "target", as the Trojan is used mainly for target marking

From Wings over Africa
November 1972

Photographs by Dave Norton