Cloud Seeding

It should be noted that even in the years of extreme financial restrictions the hard pressed Rhodesian Government continued to finance experiments like cloud seeding, the same went for malaria/mosquito control and many other lines of research.

Working in the countryside was always a dangerous occupation, my father was driving a land rover when working on mosquito research when the wheel of the land rover hit a mine, fortunately the vehicle had been fitted with basic protection between the engine and the cabin, even so the vehicle was totally destroyed, the engine went one way, the two occupants were thrown out of the land rover surviving with minor injuries.

The contrast with Zimbabwe today is marked, no research or control is carried out at all, malaria and other diseases have re-infected the bush areas which had been cleared of these problems, Zimbabwe Government policies mean that up to seven million Zimbabweans are starving in 2003

Drought continues to be a major problem in some years, this could be helped with the cloud seeding. The Rhodesian Air Force operated modified aircraft to research this.