Bunny Warren

Another contact (March 2006) has come in from Richard Warren, grandson of Bunny Warren.

'Bunny' flew in Northern Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia, from the excellent book, They Served Africa with Wings he is mentioned twice, pages 74 and 234. Here it tells how he flew Rapides owned by Rhodesian Aviation Maintenance Services (RAMS) for onward flights catering for the passengers arriving from the UK in the flying boats at Victoria Falls, the usual route being from Monkey bay to Chileka.

Later on Bunny flew with a number of airlines including CAA, Sabena and Anglo. Also from They Served Africa with Wings he flew a HS 125 for the Mines Air Service which relocated from Salisbury to Lusaka in 1965 after UDI.

Richard Warren is very keen to hear from anyone who knew his grandfather, sadly all the photos and records from that time were destroyed by terrorists when Bunny's farm was attacked and burned down in the 1970s, Bunny was a reluctant hero who refused to talk of his flying experiences, he passed away quite recently. Contact either through this website or to: richaviator@hotmail.com