Civil Aviation

Photographs by Robin D W Norton unless stated otherwise

01.Afro Continental Airways, Lockheed Super Constellation, VP-WAW June 1973
02.Air Trans Africa Douglas DC7F, nearest: TR-LNZ, part of their fleet
03.Air Rhodesia Boeing 720 departing from Salisbury. June 1973
04.Air Rhodesia Douglas C47B Dakota 'VP-WCG' arriving at Salisbury during June 1973
05 Air Trans Africa Douglas DC7F - TR-LNY - February 1972
06.Air Trans Africa Douglas DC7F. TR-LOJ and TR-LQC Date: 27th November 1972
07.Air Rhodesia C47 VP-YNH and Wenela DC4 on civil apron, Salisbury Airport. February 1971
08.Cargolux CL44 TF-CLA. Iceland registered
09.Affretair DC8, TR-LQR. November 1972. returning to Air Trans Africa Hangar, Salisbury
10.Douglas DC7 belonging to Affretair. 'TR-??? Gabon registered'
11.DH Dove, VP-YMF of Fairey Air Surveys
12.Cargolux CL44. TF-CLA departing from runway 06, Salisbury during January 1972
13.Fields Aircraft Services, New Hangar. Salisbury Airport. June 1972
14.Air Rhodesia. Viscount. VP-WAT at Kariba, August 1971
15.South African Airways Boeing 727. ZS-SBE. Salisbury, June 1973
16.Busy scene at Salisbury Airport. Three Air Rhodesia Viscounts
17.Afro Continental Airways was formed by Jack Malloch of Air Trans Africa/Affretair
18.Beech B17s VP-YIV September 1970 at Mount Hampden Airport (later called Charles Prince)
19.Air Rhodesia Douglas C47. VP-YNH
20.DH Tiger Moth. VP-YNV. Mount Hampden, Salisbury. December 1972
21.Mashonaland Flying Club, Mount Hampden, Salisbury. December 1972
22.Air Trans Africa Douglas DC7F. TR-LNY
23.Air Rhodesia Boeing 720. VP-YNL
24.Vickers Viscounts 756D on the Salisbury apron, July 1971
25.TAP Boeing 707 'Santa Maria' and Air Rhodesia Boeing 720. June 1973
26.TAP Boeing 707. CS-TBF taking off from runway 24
27.Air Malawi Hawker Siddeley 748. 7Q-YKB
28.Air Rhodesia Douglas C47. VP-WCG and two of the Boeing 720s
29.Air Malawi Viscount '7Q-YDL
30.DETA Boeing 737 'CR-BAA' On the apron at Salisbury, April 1971
31.Air Rhodesia Douglas C47B Dakotas on the civil apron at Salisbury Airport, May 1971
32.De Havilland Dove 'VP-YTF' of Rhodesian United Air Carriers (RUAC)
33.The Air Trans Africa Hangar, Salisbury Airport
34.Afro Continental Airways Super Constellation VP-WAW - March 1972
35.DH Tiger Moth, VP-YDC 'Delta Charlie' at the Centenary Air show during May 1972
36.DH Tiger Moth, VP-YNV before it was repainted, this was at the air show held at Redcliff during July 1972
37.Thrush Commander VP-YXD giving a crop spraying demo at Redcliff, July 1972
38.Autair Bell 47G 'VP-YVZ' outside the new Autair Hangar during February 1971
39.De Havilland Dove of Fairey Air Surveys 'VP-YMF'
40.Douglas Dakota 'ZS-CAI' of the South African 'Department of Transport' May 1972
41.Cessna 185 'N70348' March 1973
42.Douglas DC7C 'TR-LQP' of Affretair/Air Trans Africa, August 1972