From the ashes of the fires lit in the dog-fights of the skies above the carnage of World War I, a phoenix would rise- the Luftwaffe of the Third Reich. No ordinary air force, the Luftwaffe was to become the handmaiden of Hitler's dream of conquest and a vital component of 'blitzkrieg' or 'lightning war'. However the glories won in Poland, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium and finally France, as the Nazis marched, victorious, through Europe, were to turn sour. The fuehrer's continual demands upon his air force, as he fanatically pursued his 'Grand design' forced the Luftwaffe into the of workhorse, though incompetence, intrigue and greed amongst its commanders made the task near impossible. Starved of new planes and pilots to fly them, stretched across two fronts in Europe and playing a vital role in North Africa, Goering's elite corps was fatally flawed. This tragic story chronicles the initial brilliant success of the Luftwaffe in Europe, its structure and tactics and the inherit weakness that were to drag the phoenix once again to its inescapable consummation within the fires of Berlin. The story told using very rare footage only recently obtained from the eastern block and not seen in the west since the war. ASIN: B00007L3RR


During World War II, the war in the air proved a vital and decisive factor in the final outcome. This programme outlines the many theatres of war, where airpower was used as one of the key weapons, the fighter battles, the mass bombing raids, carrier based aircraft, flying bombs, reconnaissance, airborne troops, sub
marine hunting, convoy protection and strategic bombing attacks on key targets. ASIN: B00007L3RT


When Japan declared war on the United States in 1941, Japan's opening gambit - Admiral Nagumo's air strike on Pearl Harbour - established the aircraft carriers as the ultimate weapon of naval warfare. In a daring revenge missions, America's James Doolittle hit back at the heart of Tokyo with a handful of carrier-based bombers before Nagumo met his match in US commander Chester Nimitz at Midway. The carrier's development is traced from World War 2 through Korea and Vietnam to the Falklands, where a combination of vertical take-off strike planes, helicopters and missile systems proved the modern carrier still reigned supreme ASIN: B00007L3RE


When it entered service in 1938, the twin-engined Vickers Wellington began an operational career that spanned the whole of the Second World War. Rugged and reliable, it was operated by Bomber Command, Coastal Command and Transport Command, possessing a level of versatility second to none, serving in almost every theatre of War. By the autumn of 1945 nearly 11,500 had been built. As the last one rolled off the Vickers' production lines, the "Wimpy" as it was affectionately known, had secured its place in history, as one of the truly great aircraft of the Second World War ASIN: B00009PBIE


In 1941 the RAF was being pressed to fill new and ever more demanding roles in the war against Hitler. Although first-class modern fighters, Hurricanes and Spitfires, were in abundant supply, the Air Chiefs had a serious problem with the Bomber force. This uncomfortable gap was filled by a revolutionary fighter bomber, one of the most original and versatile designs of the entire war - the de Havilland Mosquito. ASIN: B00009PBIF


A condensed yet comprehensive look at the development and operations of RAF Bomber Command, from a fledgling force at the outbreak of hostilities to one of the most potent forces in the World on the final day. The DVD looks at the early years of 1939-1940 when the force suffered huge losses, through to 1941 when they began to possess the means of victory. In 1942 they developed new tactics and new aircraft and by 1943, with the use of the Pathfinder Force, they were making 1,000 bomber raids on Germany and for the next two years the Nazis reaped the "Whirlwind" that 'Bomber Harris' had promised them. By 1945 they had destroyed most of Germany's towns and cities and broken the morale of the population. ASIN: B00009PBIG


Featuring dramatic action of battles fought in the air during the Second World War. Dogfights over England between the British and German pilots during the Battle Of Britain, the Japanese Zeros versus the American Hellcats and Corsairs over the Pacific. The famous bombing raids of the infamous 617 Squadron on the Mohne, Sorpe and Eder Dams and against the V2 Rocket launching site at Peenemünde. The USAAF raid on the Ploesti Oilfields in Rumania. The fighter battle for the Island of Malta and the air war over the battlefields of the Kursk Salient between the Russian and German aces. ASIN: B00009W358


The development and operational history of the best and most famous fighter aircraft of World War Two. Some of the fighters in this DVD changed the course of the conflict, others gained spurious fame through the propagandists, some marked the end of an era in fighter design, whilst others signified the beginnings of a new era. ASIN: B00009W359


John Thaw stars as the legendary Bomber Command C-in-C in this engrossing BBC drama, co-starring Robert Hardy as Churchill. Based on real events and skilfully making use of genuine wartime film footage of RAF Bomber Command, Bomber Harris is a triumph for John Thaw and a fascinating account of some of the most controversial and devastating missions ever carried out by the RAF. ASIN: B00006JY42

Concorde - The World's Greatest Airliner

A stylish film portrait of the supersonic airliner.

The producers were given unrivalled access by British Airways to shoot this programme, which features the aircraft's day-to-day operations as well as exotic international charters. BA gave unrivalled access to the flight deck allowing filming of flights and a number of take offs and landings in various conditions and locations including Barbados, Jordan, Egypt, Ireland and Lapland, all on one of Concorde's last trip out of the UK on non-scheduled services.

The DVD also looks at the aircraft's role post the tragic accident in Paris in the Summer of 2000. As well as reporting on the immediate aftermath of the crash there is also footage of the last domestic charter flights to such far-flung and diverse destinations as Fiji, Bangkok, Nairobi, Aqaba and Venice.

Following the Paris tragedy, the video takes you behind the scenes with BA and Air France to see the modifications taking place in a bid to get Concorde back into the air again.

Following re-certification, you can see the first test flights right through to her return to service in 2001.

Special features on the DVD include a technical walk round the aircraft with Captain Mike Bannister explaining what makes Concorde so unique, a close up examination of the flight deck including more recent modifications. A special selection of landings and take offs from the cockpit and ground are also included.

ASIN: B00006JY4C

The Royal Air Force at War

Imperial War Museum Collection During WWII, the RAF Production Unit filmed the RAF in action in every theatre of operations. From 1943 onwards, this film was used to produce regular newsreels - known as the GENS and GAFs - that were shown on RAF bases around the world. This unique 2-DVD collection features the complete set of these newsreels, mastered from superior 35mm prints. ASIN: B00006JI4H

Seaplanes and Flying Boats of the Royal Air Force

Made with unprecedented access to the Short and Movietone archives, this title offers a breathtaking film record of all the major aircraft types employed by the RAF. The title includes much rare and previously unseen film of - amongst others - interwar types including R J Mitchell s Supermarine Southampton, the Blackburn Iris and Perth, the Singapore, Scapa, S-23 Empire and Stranraer. ASIN: B000089ARV

Bomber Command - 60th Anniversary

Sir Michael Beetham, Marshal of the RAF, introduces this two part commemoration to the airmen who fought and died during the air battles of World War 2 - their average life expectancy as a operational pilot was only 30 days. 'Reaping the Whirlwind' is a look at the controversial wartime effort of Bomber Command under Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris. During the Second World War 55,000 men gave their lives on missions above occupied Europe, an effort that is sometimes overshadowed by historians questioning both the effectiveness and morality of the bombing offensive on Germany. New, recently discovered interviews with Harris, along with reflections of former aircrew, lift the lid on the real reasons why the German cities were bombed, and why the raids really did help crush Nazi war production. There is also footage of successful precision raids including the Dam Busters mission, the sinking of the Tipitz and the attack on the Nazi rocket base at Peenemunde. Whilst 'Enemy Coast Ahead' uses original footage from the bombing raids (cameras were mounted in the aircraft), behind-the-scenes footage portraying the day-to-day life of the pilots, and aircrew training films, to create a tribute to the men both of and behind RAF Bomber Command. Also included is the complete Movietone News Special from August 1942 'No Part of the Reich is Safe' about the new weapon of the Command: the Lancaster. ASIN: B00006JI4C


Another annual instalment of the popular aviation video series. Featuring eye-popping, in-cockpit views and plane-to-plane footage this is one visual treat aviation fair fans won't want to miss. Also included are highlights of over 400 different aircraft including the Red Arrows, German Phantom and the Eurofighter Typhoon. ASIN: B00006JY3Q


This interactive DVD allows the viewer to experience the thrill of piloting some of the world's premier combat aircraft. Included is cockpit footage from the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Britain airshow at Duxford, with twenty-four vintage hurricanes and spitfires in action, plus other airshow footage of the Sea Vixen, Royal Gull, German Albatross, Red Arrows and much more besides. ASIN: B000051WCF