Winds of Destruction

by Peter J.H.Petter-Bowyer

The title of this book plays on the 1960 'Winds of Change' speech given by the then British Prime Minister, anyone who knows the appalling situation in present day Zimbabwe cannot fail to agree with the author's view point, those winds have viciously changed to ones of Destruction thanks to the tyrannical rule of Mugabe and his henchmen.

This book is by a high ranking Rhodesian Air Force (RhodAF) officer who was deeply involved with all aspects in the fight against the terrorists in Rhodesia, much specific detail is recorded within this book, how I wish that more Rhodesian Air Force personnel would write their memoirs, however, this book is by a true EXPERT who lived and fought through those turbulent times, the hope is that the new bread of 'Experts' who neither lived in Rhodesia or had anything to do with the Rhodesian Air Force in the 1960-70s will read this book and take note of what is written. There are many interesting photographs from the author's own collection, sadly not of high quality or well reproduced.

I cannot recommend this book more highly; if you are interested in Rhodesian aviation in any way then you cannot be without this book. Author's email: The publishing company prints book on demand, their UK offices are located at: Trafford Publishing, 9 Park End Street, Oxford, OX1, U.K. The book can be ordered via the Trafford website.

First Published in 2003 by Trafford Publishing - -
ISBN-10: 141201204X, ISBN-13: 978-1412012041
Later Published by 30° South Publishing (Pty) Ltd - -
ISBN-10: 0954849035, ISBN-13: 978-0954849030