Although this is a novel and ‘Fiction’, much of the book reflects the fact that the author was born and brought up in Southern Rhodesia living and working in the country until ‘Black’ rule in 1980. From a purely personal point of view, Chris Higginson can be considered an expert with his first hand knowledge of flying and fighting in Rhodesia, how I wish more people like him would put pen to paper. As it happens some of the aircraft he writes about appear within this web site, even his car, an old Volvo is in the background of a photo of a RUAC aeroplane! A very small World.
For anyone from Rhodesia this book is an absolute must, just to be reminded of life in what was a wonderful country brought back many memories, snippets such as the telephone conversation between the ‘hero’ of the book and the cook is spot on, plus all sorts of other fine details, if you are not from that part of the World and want to gain some sort of insight about Rhodesians, both white and black, then read this book, but, you will need to open your mind and put to one side all the politically correct nonsense that has been pumped out by the ‘media’, especially in the United Kingdom for the last two or more decades, put to one side your sense of superiority, take in the facts. Take note too about how ‘black’ African society conducts itself, the author includes many of the fine points which is so important if you are to understand, if you do not know, please make the effort. For South Africans this book will help you understand why Rhodesia was so different from your own country, even though we were neighbours and relied on your politicians of the 1970/80s to keep us going, there was a big difference between us. Further on the subject of this book travels the oceans away from Africa, more precise and correct details about, for instance, Gibraltar and southern Spain are included, it all goes to increase my confidence and enjoyment of this book, these are places I have been to and worked in, the author knows what he is writing about.
Most of this is now history of course, the book, as a novel, works its way up to the present day, the final target in this book is the tyrant of the country now called Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, if he happens to come across this book it will make him think very carefully who he travels with in future! Anyone out there in the film business? This would make a great film.
Finally, the book combines true facts and circumstances with fiction, the combination makes sense and gives order to the periods of time this book covers, I understand that there is to be a follow up, I look forward to being able to buy my copy when it becomes available.

To the author, Thank you.

Highly Recommended.

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