I hope you will find plenty to interest you on this website, from great air to air photographs taken in Spain to information on Rhodesia in the 1970s with my photographs plus reports from airshows in the U.K., Canada, Spain and the USA from the 1970s through to the present.

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To the right is a North American T6 Texan of the Fundacion Infante de Orleans Aircraft Collection and Museum, a wonderful aircraft collection of mostly airworthy aeroplanes based at Aeropuerto de Cuatro Vientos, Madrid, Spain. This is most probably my favourite photograph, taken over the Gredos Mountains, West of Madrid on a wonderful day in March 2000 from the back seat of the Museum's other T6.

My sincere thanks to the President of the Museum, D. Carlos Valle who has made dreams come true by arranging flights in many of the Museum's aircraft, including their T6 Texans. A number of other people have in recent years given me the opportunity to fly and join them and their organisations to enjoy and experience amazing times, to name just a few:

Most of all my very good friend, D.Jose Luis Olias, President of the Real Aero Club de Espana (Royal Aero Club of Spain) and the members of 351 Squadron of ALA35, Fuerza Aerea de Espana (Spanish Air Force) based at Getafe Air Force Base, Madrid, also 744 Squadron of Grupo 74, Matacan Air Force Base, Salamanca and 721 Squadron based at Alcantarilla(Murcia). Not forgetting all the pilots of the Fundacion Infante de Orleans Museum, QuiQue Bueno in particular. Also Tony Whitlock and others of the Vintage Piper Aircraft Club(GB)

To all my friends within the aviation World, especially in Spain(Espana), my sincere thanks.